The power of the pen

May 17, 2016 4:51 pm

For the past 20-plus years, I have done a barbecue for my kids and their classes at school. I pick a day in May near the end of the year, haul in my grills and treat the students and faculty to a day of fun celebration. I love watching the kids excitedly eat, play, sing and dance as I blare out tunes to set the mood (see video below).

This year, at the most recent version of the BBQ, there was a first: one of the teachers wrote a thank you card and discreetly handed it to me while fixing her hamburger.

I was stunned. In 20-plus years, this has never happened. I took the small envelope and slipped it in my back pocket and went on serving faculty and students food.

But this small, proactive gesture got me thinking: how many times do we think something positive about another and fail to express appreciation?

Sure — most everyone I fed verbally expressed gratitude for the BBQ and my efforts.

But this one teacher went the extra mile and proactively took the time to express thanks by handwriting the most thoughtful and heartwarming message.

If you’re going to send a written message, a handwritten note will invoke a powerful connection between you and the recipient.

“I personally have saved many handwritten notes and cards from bosses, peers, friends, children, parents, and others, yet I rarely save an email, no matter how poignant or personal. Handwritten notes may take more time, may not be as neat and tidy, and may take longer to reach your reader, but the power of personal touch will make a far deeper impression than will the same thought quickly shot off in an email or instant text message.” (pg. 52, Don’t Just Manage–LEAD!)





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