Listen, Talk & Compromise!

Is it that complex? We’re a nation that needs immigrants AND strong border security. No matter the political leaning, 99% of the people I hang with agree with the statement above. So, what’s the deal?

We have two arrogant imbeciles stonewalling as opposed to solving a problem. Trump or Pelosi can end the shutdown today. This childish behavior has reached epic proportions and hurting many.

A Trump promise was securing our southern border. A Pelosi promise was to contest Trump at every turn. They use the media to plead their case to us their constituents, and we listen to them whine like spoiled brats. But those I talk to (left and right) are growing more frustrated with their selfish adolescent attempts to save face and score political points as opposed to solving problems.

I urge you not to be sucked up into the extreme left or right that can only see the world as white or black. This extremism is ideological lunacy.

We can insist on strong border security AND simultaneously love immigrants and minorities. Myopic thinking media heads will try to convince you otherwise. Don’t buy it.

Immigration for those that want to obey our laws AND strong borders that keep those that don’t out, is not that complex.

Drop the egos, listen, talk and compromise.

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During the past twenty-five years, Art has worked in leadership positions with a number of global firms and their call/BPO centers worldwide. Currently president and CEO of KomBea Corporation, Art has served for more than a dozen years developing and marketing tools that blend human intelligence and automation to improve call center phone interactions.
Art has also served as executive vice president of business development and strategic initiatives for First-Source; CEO and founder of Echopass Corporation (the world’s premier contact center hosting environment, which was acquired by Genesys for about $110 million); CEO of Sento Corporation; and managing director and VP of European business development for Sykes Enterprises.
Art is a widely-published author of methodologies for BPO/contact centers, outsourcing, customer service, and technical support, and has served in leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, VLSI Research, and RasterOps.

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