Give A Rats Ass!

If you could implement one change to improve your firm, family, or (shudder I say) country, what would that be? For me, the answer would be a heavy dose of selfless empathy.

Empathy: the capacity to understand what another being (a human or non-human) is feeling — the ability to place oneself in another’s position.

Not long ago we believed humans were the only species capable of empathy. However, we now know that dolphins, elephants, whales, chimpanzees, dogs, horses, and even rats demonstrate actions that appear to be empathetic.

A study proved that rats preferred freeing other caged rats rather than eating food easily accessible. I don’t know about you but, when I think of a rat, I do not think of an empathetic creature.

If a rat’s actions can demonstrate empathy, for their rat cohorts while getting nothing in return, then we humans have no excuse.

Real leaders must practice empathy. When you start fighting for resources for you, your team or party at the risk of weakening the whole you are not empathetic. We have to stop thinking me, me, me. We have to start thinking how will my actions help others even at my own peril.

Empathy means respecting each other’s differences of opinion, race, religion or even politics.

If a common rat can lead with empathy, so can we.

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During the past twenty-five years, Art has worked in leadership positions with a number of global firms and their call/BPO centers worldwide. Currently president and CEO of KomBea Corporation, Art has served for more than a dozen years developing and marketing tools that blend human intelligence and automation to improve call center phone interactions.
Art has also served as executive vice president of business development and strategic initiatives for First-Source; CEO and founder of Echopass Corporation (the world’s premier contact center hosting environment, which was acquired by Genesys for about $110 million); CEO of Sento Corporation; and managing director and VP of European business development for Sykes Enterprises.
Art is a widely-published author of methodologies for BPO/contact centers, outsourcing, customer service, and technical support, and has served in leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, VLSI Research, and RasterOps.

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