"People do not want to be managed. They want to be led. If you want to manage someone, manage yourself." –Art Coombs

"If you want to marry a Queen, you must first become the King." –Art Coombs

"Your happiness is not so much about the love others give you, but rather the love you give them." –Art Coombs

"You cannot NOT communicate." –Art Coombs

"Being present, authentic and vulnerable is the scariest, bravest, and most liberating choice you can ever make." –Art Coombs

"When the heart is convinced that the head has it right, we are motivated to change." –Art Coombs

"Your perception rarely equals truth." –Art Coombs

"Your opinions should never undermine and erode empathetic compassion." –Art Coombs

"Connection is created by one tender and occasionally not so tender conversation at a time." –Art Coombs

"Genius is not being great at any one thing. Genius is being good in all aspects of your life. Genius is balance." –Art Coombs

"Strong Leaders will encourage, listen to, and ponder opposing views. They will not always accept them but will always entertain them." –Art Coombs

"Real leaders encourage honest mistakes, they do not tolerate repetitively making the same mistake." –Art Coombs

"Leaders are storytellers. Stories engage the emotional side of the brain and are the fuel that inspires others." –Art Coombs

"The bird chooses the tree; the tree does not choose the bird. Be the bird!" –Art Coombs

"Excuses do not change results." –Art Coombs

"Success is made up of commitment, preparedness and opportunity. You totally control the first two." –Art Coombs

"We want to be accepted for who we are and not shunned for who and what we are not." –Art Coombs

"When you give individuals the why, and they buy into it, stand back and get out of the way." –Art Coombs

"Mercy, compassion and the humanity of forgiveness is the true energy of any relationship." –Art Coombs

"Learning is what you do when you are confident, active and curious, and want to understand the world around you." –Art Coombs

"You are the master of your happiness, not any external force." –Art Coombs

"You will never know true inner peace until your self-esteem is truly SELF-esteem." –Art Coombs

"Balance and imbalance are realities for all. Inner peace comes from not attaching too much value to either state." –Art Coombs

Use Symbolic Acts to Bring intensity and focus

Meet Leadership Development Speaker Art Coombs

Arthur F. Coombs III

During the past twenty-five years, Art has worked in leadership positions with a number of global firms and their call/BPO centers worldwide. Currently president and CEO of KomBea Corporation, Art has served for more than a dozen years developing and marketing tools that blend human intelligence and automation to improve call center phone interactions. Find out more about Art’s company, KomBea, HERE >

Art has also served as executive vice president of business development and strategic initiatives for First-Source; CEO and founder of Echopass Corporation (the world’s premier contact center hosting environment, which was acquired by Genesys for about $110 million); CEO of Sento Corporation; and managing director and VP of European business development for Sykes Enterprises.

Art is a widely published author of methodologies for BPO/contact centers, outsourcing, and technical support, and has served in leadership positions at Hewlett-Packard, VLSI Research, and RasterOps.

What started more than twenty years ago with a presentation in Paris has positioned Art as a charismatic, innovative, and sought-after speaker across the globe. His authentic style of delivery, solid content, and practical applications leave his audiences ready to make a difference in their own spheres of influence.

Without a doubt, Art’s heartfelt and humorous insights captivate and inspire all who hear him. Now, with his number one bestselling book Don’t Just Manage—LEAD!, everyone can experience Art’s inspiring storytelling!

Art Coombs Story

March 25

Born to the greatest parents ever.

April 2

My family. Love the matching outfits!

April 2

I would get so excited to play ball with dad. Makes me smile even now.

April 2

5 years old and starting school.

April 2

10 years old with the infamous bowl haircut. Thanks mom.

April 2

Loved bushwhacking all over the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

April 2

My two best friends in high school. They kept me out of so much trouble.

April 2

Both Mom and I were stunned when I graduated from high school.

April 2

Wrestled in college.

April 2

My parents and siblings hanging out in Lake Tahoe. Love them to death.

April 16

First SYKES Enterprises employee in Europe. Establish SYKES Europe.

April 2

Founded Echopass Corporation. Learned much.

April 2

Founded KomBea Corporation. Still learning.

April 2

My youngest daughter Mac shares my love for horses.

April 2

My kids are my air.

April 2

My son Kai used to pick my outfits out, so we would match. No longer. I am not cool enough.

April 2

Coached my eldest son’s football team for four years before he went all in on basketball. I wanted him to wrestle, but he did not like the outfit. LOL

April 2

Our favorite holiday is July 4th. We have a family water balloon fight every year. Food, founding fathers, fireworks, festivities, family, friends, freedom, fun… what is there not to love.

April 2

Released – Don’t Just Manage-LEAD!

April 2

The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse – Ronald Reagan

April 2

My eldest daughter and I share a love for the theater. Me in the seats, she on the stage.

April 2


April 2

My world, my air.

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