"People do not want to be managed. They want to be led. If you want to manage someone, manage yourself." – Don’t Just Manage —Lead!

"If you want to marry a Queen, you must first become the King." – Don’t Just Manage —Lead!

"Your happiness is not so much about the love others give you, but rather the love you give them." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"You cannot NOT communicate." – Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

"Being present, authentic and vulnerable is the scariest, bravest, and most liberating choice you can ever make." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"When the heart is convinced that the head has it right, we are motivated to change." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Your perception rarely equals truth." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Your opinions should never undermine and erode empathetic compassion." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Connection is created by one tender and occasionally not so tender conversation at a time." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Genius is not being great at any one thing. Genius is being good in all aspects of your life. Genius is balance." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Strong Leaders will encourage, listen to, and ponder opposing views. They will not always accept them but will always entertain them." – Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

"Real leaders encourage honest mistakes, they do not tolerate repetitively making the same mistake." – Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

"Leaders are storytellers. Stories engage the emotional side of the brain and are the fuel that inspires others." – Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

"The bird chooses the tree; the tree does not choose the bird. Be the bird!" – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Excuses do not change results." – Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

"Success is made up of commitment, preparedness and opportunity. You totally control the first two." – Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

"We want to be accepted for who we are and not shunned for who and what we are not." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"When you give individuals the why, and they buy into it, stand back and get out of the way." – Don’t just manage—Lead!

"Mercy, compassion and the humanity of forgiveness is the true energy of any relationship." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Learning is what you do when you are confident, active and curious, and want to understand the world around you." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"You are the master of your happiness, not any external force." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"You will never know true inner peace until your self-esteem is truly SELF-esteem." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

"Balance and imbalance are realities for all. Inner peace comes from not attaching too much value to either state." – Human Connection: How the "L" Do We That?

People Do Not Want To Be Managed. They Want To Be led

Art’s Leadership Development Books

Art Coombs - Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

Managers are a dime a dozen, but leaders? They’re something special, and what they contribute to an organization is what sets it apart from the competition.

In Don’t Just Manage—Lead! you’ll learn what it takes to become an effective leader, someone who will help guide and motivate others to achieve success.

Arthur F. Coombs III, speaker, author and CEO, provides the most comprehensive and authoritative account of a true leader’s life and career. Loaded with heartfelt, real life experiences of what it takes to lead thousands of employees, Coombs presents his journey from business student to corporate CEO.

With these real-world examples, he shows how true leaders can influence behavior, shape goals, and encourage the very best from others.

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Art Coombs - Human Connection

Human Connection

How the “L” Do We Do That?

The sixth US President, John Quincy Adams, a man who knew a lot about effective leadership, maintained that the most successful people were those whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more. These people were the ones who entered the fray, who left the sidelines, who threw themselves into life. They were the ones who forged a nation and achieved the impossible. They were the ones who truly connected to life, to others, and to themselves.

Today, the world needs human connection more than ever. It needs people who strive for the deepest relationships, not just surface recognition, who come at life with the enthusiasm, energy, and excitement that bind people together. These people have a powerful impact on all around them.

This book combines fresh perspectives, experience, information, and personal stories into a simple formula that will result in rich connections as you live, laugh, learn, love, and lead those who mean the most to you. It is my hope that by reading it you will begin today to live the authentic, abundant life that’s out there for you, as you build and shape the connections that will change everything.

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