Don’t Just Manage—Lead!

Managers are a dime a dozen, but leaders? They’re something special, and what they contribute to an organization is what sets it apart from the competition.

In Don’t Just Manage—Lead! you’ll learn what it takes to become an effective leader, someone who will help guide and motivate others to achieve success.

Art F. Coombs, the Utah based author and CEO, provides the most comprehensive and authoritative account of a true leader’s life and career. Loaded with heartfelt, real life experiences of what it takes to lead thousands of employees, Coombs presents his journey from business student to corporate CEO.

With these real-world examples, he shows how true leaders can influence behavior, shape goals, and encourage the very best from others.

“There are many books on leadership, but only a few from the masters. Art’s ability to unlock human potential is rare and extremely valuable. He makes leaders, and now we have his recipe.”

— Paul H. Jenkins, PhD, Psychologist and Author of Pathological Positivity

“This book can help any aspiring leader, new or old, avoid the mediocrity of mere management and LEAD.“

— Kirk A. Weisler, Chief Morale Officer, Team Dynamics; Author, Speaker, Culture Guy Institute

“Art Coombs has a rare combination of sincerity, humility, passion, and humor-and a gift for storytelling that allows people to connect with his message in a meaningful and personal way.”

— Joy Sobhani, Professional Development Director ICMI, International Customer Management Institute