Don’t Just Manage Lead – Human Connection

More and more in our precariously shifting world, I see divisiveness, cynicism, disconnection, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, judgement, and despair. People desperately want to connect with others in person. They want to laugh, learn, love, live, and be led by leaders and mentors who genuinely care for them. They crave friendship they can trust, lean into, and count on. They want to be accepted for who they are and not shunned for who and what they are not. And the older I get, the more I see the value in true connection and the emptiness of a society created around the falsehoods of maintaining a perfect life online.

It is more essential than ever that we learn to lead rather than merely manage. This means interacting with those who crave genuine connections. You will never connect with and lead others unless you are living with, laughing with, learning with, and loving them.  Let’s start a human-connection-and-leading revolution today!

“Mr. Coombs grabbed my attention years ago at a conference in Florida. I knew there was something unique about him when he brought his children into the presentation room. His honesty, sincerity, and desire to include his family in his endeavors reminds me of the type of relationship I can only hope to have with my kids one day. This is a speaker that motivates, captivates and inspires leading in life—career leadership included at no additional cost.”

— Tom Gene Watkins, Professional Writer

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