The One Finger Wave

Last night, a dear friend and I were chatting about deep life-altering stuff, and some silly comment was made about “flipping the bird”. We both wondered what the history was there.

To those interested, credits to OddFeed, here you go.

The first recorded use of “flipping the bird” was from the Greek philosopher Diogenes, born in Sinope in 412 BC. While Diogenes didn’t invent the middle-finger gesture, it was used in his day. Anthropologists have told us the gesture is essentially phallic. I will not go into details.

Diogenes made what was possibly the first usage of the old hand-phallus, giving it mockingly to Demosthenes, a statesman whom he intensely disliked.

The gesture made its way to Rome, where it was not just a lewd motion but a severe threat. Its Latin name? “digitus impudicus” translation…unchaste finger.

Eventually, the obscene gesture made its way across the Atlantic. In America, the “one-finger wave” was so popular that you would be hard-pressed not to see it regularly. The first known photo of someone giving the “bird” was taken in 1886. Baseball pitcher Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn cheekily gave the finger in a Boston Beaneaters team snapshot.

Old Hoss was flipping off the New York Giants, who were at the time their arch-rivals. Wait, you thought only modern athletes broke the social norms and flaunted rebelliousness?

For years, “flipping the bird” has become commonplace. But with its mottled history, how it is taken is up to the receiver.

Now, my dear friend, you know the history of “flipping the bird”!

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